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Kind Obi

£8.50 or $10.06

Kind Obi is a sweet & encouraging story about a boy with a unique gift of caring for others. It’s a book that serves as a guide to show children how to be kinder, accept diversity and be inclusive of other peoples’ cultures.

Kamapala is on a mission to spread kindness and I am here for it! This book is beautifully narrated. It was easy to follow and broke down ways today’s kids can truly make a difference by being… kind.

Mummy's Love for You Will Always Be!

£7.98 or $6.21

Mummy’s love for you will always be is an adorable picture book which celebrates the love a mother has for her child. It also celebrates the precious first milestones a child achieves. The book is beautifully illustrated to capture the attention of little ones. 

A lovely story that helped my two year old sons vocabulary, he learnt to say “I love you Mummy” after reading the book several times a day, he loves it and so do I.

Ama's Gift

£8.50 or $10.61

Ama is a very talented young girl with a beautiful singing voice. She loves to sing but only to her parents because she is afraid of what others would think and doubts herself and her abilities.

This book highlights the power of positivity that parents can provide for children. Believe in them and support them and they will believe in themselves too!

Get All Three

£8.50 or $10.61

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