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Kind Obi


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In a world that is competitive, judgemental and stressful, spreading the message of kindness, compassion and love for others is crucial.

Kind Obi is a sweet & encouraging story about a boy with a unique gift of caring for others. It’s a book that serves as a guide to show children how to be kinder, accept diversity and be inclusive of other peoples’ cultures.

With vibrant illustrations, this book is packed full of relatable and practical examples of showing love and caring for others.

An excellent resource for parents, caregivers and teachers to talk about the importance of kindness as a necessary part of daily life.

It’s also a tool that can be used to help children think outside the box of popular career goals and pursue other gifts and talents.

Fun activity pages kindness journal at the back of the book can be used by parents and teachers to encourage children to write their own kindness journals. The perfect read-aloud or independent reading for boys and girls from 4 years+


eBook, Paperback


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