Kamapala Chukwuka

Kamapala Chukuwka

Promoting Cultural Diversity in Children's Literature

It is my hope that one day, diverse books will become as easily accessible as other books.

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Kamapala’s children’s books tell beautiful stories filled with moral values of love, kindness, confidence, patience, gratitude, understanding of others and more….


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My kids and I really enjoyed snuggling up together to read Kind Obi. It's a beautiful story with really engaging illustrations and the message is such an important one for kids and grown-ups alike. The kindness examples are great for children to understand.
United Kingdom
I totally love this book. I read this to my sons every night and they too love it. My twin sons have memorised the words ‘Mummy’s love for you will always be’. Great book written and illustrated beautiful. To all the mummy’s, this book is a must read!
Salma Afsar
United Kingdom
This is a great book to help a 6 year old little girl build up self confidence in Her own talents and abilities. 6 year that I read the book too has been singing for the past 2 hours. Thanks for writing this book.
United States

About Kamapala

Hi there, I’m Ka-ma-pa-la, mum of 3 boys, author and founder of a small creative digital marketing agency www.inspiredcreativehub.com. I write culturally diverse children’s books with a strong focus on black character leads. I write these books to inspire little black/brown boys and girls. I feel representation in children’s literature is very important as it offers all children variety in what they read and acceptance of others. It is my hope that one day, diverse books will become as easily accessible as other books. For now I am doing my bit one book at a time and helping other diverse authors bring their stories to life through my publishing services.

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Representation matters. We need DIVERSITY and INCLUSION in children's literature. ALL children need variety in the books they read.

Kamapala Chukwuka

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