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My story

When my first 2 sons were toddlers, I wanted to instill in them a love for reading and stimulate their cognitive development. Trips to our local libraries were how I set about achieving this. We loved our library trips but I soon realised that we kept coming back home with more or less the same book – the conventional European character-centred story plot.

I wanted my boys to see differently. I wanted them to see themselves represented so I started to scout for diverse books. Much to my disappointment and frustration, there were only but a handful in the local libraries around me.

Long story short, I decided to write these books. Not just for my boys but so that children, all children have a variety in the books available to them.

The frustration of trying to get my book published and being told that there was not enough demand for diverse books is why I set up my own publishing services. Now, I help other diverse authors bring their stories to life.

My Books

Kind Obi

Mommy's Love For You Will Always Be

Ama's Gift

A Versatile Business Woman

Kamapala also runs a creative digital agency, INSPIRED CREATIVE HUB that focuses on helping brands leverage on the power of branding in the digital sphere. The company’s services include; logo design, web design, social media management and lots more.

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